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 Drake ‘Mysteriously Disappeared’ From TIDAL


Another day, another “what’s wrong wrong with Tidal story.The one has to do with Drake. Everybody’s favorite Canadian was set to be one of the celebrity stakeholders in the streaming music service and part of the Avengers-like lineup of musical luminaries that Jay-Z put on stage during its launch.But according to Billboard writer Andrew Hampp, Drizzy “mysteriously disappeared” from the TIDAL’s fold two days before the roll out. Hampp suspects Drake was contacted by Jimmy Iovine, Dr. Dre Beats partner and all-around music industry bad ass.  Iovine is heading up Apple’s expansion into streaming music, and was apparently directly in touch with all of Hov’s musical all stars in the run up to TIDAL’s unveiling.

Read more: http://nuhitz.com/drake-mysteriously-disappeared/

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